Tuesday, 21 November 2006

Christmas Week latest; Western Cemetery

Last night's City Council meetings saw the creation of a "Friends of Western Cemetery" approved by the Leisure & Arts Services Committee. Full marks to the Convener (Bailie Chic Farquhar) for his warm words to the Community Council for its initiative. I spoke at committee, praising the co-operation of the City Council officers in helping progress this good initiative. We meet again as a group next Tuesday.
Met the airport manager yesterday with a local resident concerned about her concerns about noise by aircraft. Also spoken with the Head of Environmental Health & Trading Standards about this.
And lastly tonight! Met last Friday with Robin Carstairs, our West End Christmas Week pyrotechnician - fireworks expert to you and me! Rob has done a brilliant job arranging the fireworks display this year and it'll be much bigger than in 2005. There's a new website at http://www.westendpyro.com about the fireworks display (thanks to Rob for progressing this) - its still in production but the Community Council page will be content provided by West End Community Council, I wrote the home page content about the events on 6th December and there's details of the businesses who kindly contributed to the fireworks display and also details about Rob's fireworks experience.